Menchanko is a noodle stew made up of vegetables, meat, and seafood, all cooked in a hot pot called “Nabe”.

Menchanko-tei 45th St.

TEL (212)986-6805

Closed for Renovation.
Coming Soon!

The Noodles

We’ve selected the best noodles which matches our original ramen soup. The thickness, length, form, and texture are always in a proper condition.

The Ramen Soup

We only use fresh pork, chicken, and vegetables, which are slowly simmered to make our flavorful broth.

The Roast Pork

We slowly simmer the roasted pork shoulders with our original sauce to make the “roast pork” juicy enough.

The Menchanko Soup

The soup is simmered in a soy sauce based with “umami” from dried bonito, scallops, “shiitake” mushrooms and “konbu” seaweed. The broth has a light taste, with no artificial colorings or additives.


The Citron Pepper

While black pepper is usually used to season ramen noodles, we prefer using our original citron pepper paste, made of blended red peppers, citron, and salt. Just adding a dash of such paste, our original soup will change dramatically.

The Menchanko Pot

We always serve the “Menchanko” in a pre-heated pot to remain the soup hot enough for you to realize the “ONY” logo engraved in the bottom of the pot, until you drink the last drop.

The Ramen Bowl

Our “ONY” logo printed on the ramen bowl, was exclusively designed by Seitaro Kuroda.

Ony logo