Our noodles are made fresh daily in our dedicated factory with our original recipe: a wheat base with Mongolian sea salt, the noodles are allowed to rest at low temperatures. When prepared all three thicknesses are always perfectly aldente. Every noodle goes down smooth.

We use only fresh pork, chicken and vegetables simmered slowly to produce our complex flavorful broth.

Simmered in a soy sauce base with concentrated flavors of dried benito shaving, scallops, shitake mushrooms and konbu seaweed. The broth has a light flavor free of any dyes or artificial additives.

While black pepper is ordinarily used to season ramen for our ramen we prefer our original citron pepper paste, a surprising blend of red pepper, citron and salt. Just a dash can bring out the layered flavors of our original soup.

We slow roast tender and succulent pork shoulders marinated in our original sauce to produce a juicy roast pork.

We have always served our ramen in pre-heated bowls so that the soup will remain hot until you discover the Ony emblem engraved in the bowl as you drink the last drop.

Our Ony logo was designed by illustrator, Mr.Seitaro Kuroda exclusively for the ramen bowls.